AVS Symposium in Tampa


Join me in Tampa for the AVS 64th International Symposium and Exhibition. The session schedule has been drafted out and I’ve had a first look at it. I will be co-moderating the the Monday morning Vacuum Technology Division session VT-MoM. The focus topic is Process with Measurement in Vacuum. There will be presenters from NIST to discuss the cutting edge pressure measurement technologies, an invited talk ROSINA/ROSETTA: Exploring the Origin of our Solar System with Mass Spectrometry in Space by Katherin Altwegg, University of Bern and several other contributed talks.

The Vacuum Technology Division (VTD) provides a forum for research in achieving, maintaining, analyzing, and measuring vacuum across a wide range of pressures and applications.

VTD will again host the “Ask the Experts” booth, located in the exhibit area, where experienced vacuum scientists, engineers and technicians strive to answer perplexing vacuum technology questions.

Be sure to watch the AVS website for updates.


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