There have been many books on the topic of vacuum technology. Most are hard to find and out of print. Some of the older books by the masters have data that is still relevant dispersed in a sea of information about technologies that are no longer in use. These technologies have become outdated because of advancements in vacuum pumping, chamber fabrication techniques, electronics or the development of new metrology devices.

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This presents a challenge to the engineer, scientist or student that needs to learn about vacuum technology quickly and efficiently. One can spend hundreds of dollars on books to get a piece from one source and a chunk from another. Worse yet, if one is new to the discipline he may not know what is still in use and what is outdated.

Understanding Modern Vacuum Technology was written with the express purpose of presenting the key vacuum technology principles in a readable form so that the information can be absorbed efficiently without having to sift through outdated methods and techniques. It well researched without being over “scholarly”.

A typical topic in Understanding Modern Vacuum Technology will start with founding principles and build up the development of the technology used today. This is done to give the reader a deeper understanding of the topic. It draws on peer review literature, textbooks, articles, patents and personal experience—all with the purpose of helping you, the reader become successful in the art.

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Understanding Modern Vacuum Technology is an exceptional value in an age when textbooks have become prohibitively expensive. It is a library-quality book with a cover printed on 10pt stock and laminated for durability.